Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Blessings

What a wonderful year full of blessings we've had. I am so grateful to all the friends and family who have supported me this year.

Our family had a lovely Christmas. My son and daughter were thrilled to get some of the things they asked for this year, and we were excited to have a wonderful family was all quite different from last year and I'm glad we've been able to recover from some hard times which seemed unbearable.

One of the things my daughter received this year was a basic digital camera. Now this camera is nothing fancy (2.1 megapixel), but for someone just learning, it's perfect! She was practicing taking photos and I wanted to share this one she took today - I believe we may have yet another fabulous photographer in the family! Take a look at this beautiful shot:

First of all, from what I've seen of this camera's pictures, I'm shocked this came out of it! LOL Second of all, I think she picked a terrific color shot here with this - she said the sky was so blue - which it was today - and it "looked neat behind the tree". Cool. Not bad for 12 years old! She's looking forward to taking photos of the horses at the stables and to having me take shots of her riding.

My son received some neat little remote control cars called "Zip Zaps". They are so adorable, and go SO FAST! He also got several accessories and a carrying case - so hopefully everything will stay in one place! LOL

All in all, it was a terrific day and it was great to see the smiles on their faces.

Today I've gotten back to work with a new cross pendant design I've been working on. I have 2 new cross pendants I'm designing, and these will be able to be "repeated" designs as far as the base, but colors and layers in each will be different. The first pendant is firing now and I can hardly wait to see it after it's done. I think I'll wear it to the New Years Eve bash at the gallery this weekend.


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