Sunday, September 23, 2007

New painting..."Our Secret Place" & New Cross pendant


It's been an exciting week....I finished a large diptych painting! The name of the paintnig is "Our Secret Place". Many years ago - when my husband and I were first dating - we had a special place we visited in the woods at our local park. In the fall, these colors were so prevelant there, and that is what inspired the colors in this work.

It was a challenge to paint two panels this size together. Since there was no room in the studio, I had to back the car out, unfold the ping pong table, and paint in the carport using the ping pong table (with no net) as my support. It was fun - the weather was perfect and the bugs stayed away!

More exciting news...I'm changing my diet and getting back to healthy eating. I've lost 4 pounds this week and my eyesight is already improving! I had no idea my diet could have been causing my vision problems..but it looks like it did. I actually was able to see better, and for the first time in months, I made a piece of jewelry! WOOHOO!

This is a cross design I came up with. I've always loved crosses and have been looking for a good design for a "base" that would work well, and that I could add the accent beads to...well it all came together yesterday and I could actually SEE well enough to do all of this wirework. I did have to wear my reading glasses toward the end. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I've included a photo below. I was thinking about making some of these to put up on Ebay, as I already have so many supplies here. What do you think? I'm running out of canvases for paintings and unfortunately, until I sell some of what I already have painted, I can't buy anymore. So I figure my time might be well spent to use up these jewelry supplies and make something people might enjoy. Comments welcome! (click on the photo to see the larger version)
Love, Jai

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