Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Art! The Color of Our Dreams ~ RAINBOW Abstract - HUGE!

Here's my newest painting. Titled "The Color of Our Dreams", this 40" x 30" beauty will fill your home or office with the vibrant colors of a rainbow on a summer day. Click the photo to see a larger version. Click here to bid on this original painting on Ebay.

Someone asked me the other day "how I paint". I thought they meant the technique, and they indicated they wanted more details. Laughing, I told them I dance naked while I paint...HORRORS! Actually, I *do* dance while I paint, but not naked since I have my studio blinds wide open (and I truly do like my good neighbors and don't want to run them off!).

Since I don't have an easel big enough for these larger paintings, I took over the rectangular glass patio table (which was never really used for its purpose) and I moved it into the studio. I lay the canvas on the table, and then get all of my paints ready. Then I crank up the music...usually inspirational and upbeat. And then I dance...and in between moves, I throw paint on the canvas. (yes, literally). I also blow paint in spots, and occasionally use a water bottle to spray paint on areas...and I also use a brush, a kitchen spatula sometimes, and whatever else that might be lying nearby which looks like fun! :)

I have a good time while I paint these. I let loose, relax, and spill all of my energy into the art. It's a "positive high" for me...they exhilarate me while at the same time, help me release feelings I have inside at the moment. I can't think of anything which feels any better. (well maybe one thing...LOL)

Anyway...I hope you all are enjoying the new art. I know I sure am enjoying creating these abstract paintings. I just can't believe I waited so long to do this type of work. If someone had told me how freeing it feels to paint like this, I'd have probably done them long before now!

Hope y'all have a great eyes are really strained, so it's time for me to take a break.



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