Sunday, August 16, 2009

New jewels: Copper Necklace & Earrings w/ Turquoise and Garnet

I got back in the studio for the first time in months this weekend, and made some new jewelry.

My favorite is this copper pendant/necklace and matching earrings. While I've worked with wire for years now, I wanted something new and different I could do with it. I decided to try braiding very thin wire to create a "frame" for the stones/beads. This necklace and earrings features turquoise beads and genuine garnet, all secured by hand weaving this thin copper wire. Even the necklace chain/clasp and ear wires are hand made from copper. See more photos of the necklace in my Etsy store and the earrings here.

The pendant above features a peace stone jasper marquis shaped bead in braided brass wire. And the pendant below turned out very's a vintage sapphire blue glass stone, also encased in braided brass wire. The pendant is very demure, and measures 1" in size. Perfectly classy! See more photos of the peace stone jasper pendant here and the sapphire pendant here.


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Melia Laprade said...

Oh my God! This necklace is so trendy! It is suits some of the dresses! I'm so amazed at people who have a great passion for this kind of craft!