Tuesday, July 24, 2007

STOLEN ART (tree frog with calla lily flower) from Coconut Creek Florida

Tiny Miracle, a tree frog with a calla lily flower original painting, was SOLD and then STOLEN from the buyer's doorstep in Coconut Creek FL (at the Coconut Palm Apartments). The painting, along with some jewelry was delivered on Friday, July 20, and according to office staff at the Coconut Creek apartment complex, the package was not brought into the office, but was left on the buyer's doorstep. When the buyer returned from being out of town, the package was gone. If you live in South Florida, and you see this original work of art, please contact me immediately with details as to its whereabouts so we can proceed with prosecution and recover this stolen property. Also included were the following two jewelry pieces: Tree Frog pendant & Mardis Gras Happy Hour Pendant. If you spot any of these items in person, or on Ebay or any other auction site, please contact me immediately as to their whereabouts! THANK YOU! Jai

More details: The painting is small - size 12"x12" and it has identifying information on the back - the name of the painting, the size, the price, and © 2007 Jai Johnson. The tree frog jewelry piece is signed on the front, and the Mardis Gras Happy Hour jewelry piece has my official stamp on the back.

Comments from Jai: My goal with this posting is the recovery of these items. What bothers me is not the money/value. It's not the buyer's money. What bothers me is that when someone chooses to steal, that is a very personal violation to me. I have seen more theft in our world in the past year. Specifically in MY LIFE. I've had someone go into my car TWICE - once at a personal residence and once at MY personal residence. Now someone has stolen my personal work. My blood, sweat and tears are in those pieces of art and art jewelry. What gives these people the RIGHT to violate that with their despicable actions? NOTHING. And I don't care if people "need the money" - let me tell you about "needing money"...After 10 years of working my butt off to create the best art and jewelry I can, I STILL cannot support myself or my children. There's been many nights, especially in the past year, when my children and I had nothing to eat. Am *I* out stealing? NO. I respect people more than that. A short time ago, my dog and I "convinced" a man to turn over a stolen vehicle. I was so angry at what he had done, and I made no bones about it that he was going to bring that truck back, and hand me the keys. He did it. And I think the only reason why he did is because of my conviction that what he was doing was NOT RIGHT - it was NOT FAIR. It's the same with this artwork and jewelry - whoever took these items has personally violated myself and the buyer. That is not fair. And I want them to do the decent thing and turn them back over - either to the buyer or to myself. I want them to wake up and realize their actions are wrong. I certainly cannot change the entire world, but if I can convince one person at a time to wake up and change their ways, that's a start, don't you think? -- Jai

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