Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Divine Harmony ~ Luscious Cherry Quartz Pendant

I finally had a chance to work with this cherry quartz. I LOVE THESE! Rondelle shaped, they are huge and faceted and an absolutely gorgeous shade of deep pink. I paired tourmaline in deep, rich olive colors (with a tinge of pink) with the stunning bead, and accented with freshwater pearls. I wove silver wire with great precision to frame the focal bead, and added a tornado bead at the top.

The precision wire work paired with the freeform of the tornado bead wire work is representative of my life. That perfect, woven frame is how I'd like my life to be. Yet it often ends up in a tornado as represented by the top bead. I'm sure some of you can relate. It's tough when things are going along fine, and then they spiral out of control. It's wonderful, though, to take that situation, and turn it into something of beauty...a keepsake...and heirloom to remind us that even though we have tornado moments, beauty can still come from within them. :)

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