Friday, July 11, 2008

Kittens! New inspiration!

How ironic is it that as I'm working on a fire painting of an adorable kitten, our outdoor female who had babies about 6 weeks ago brings them up to the house finally? Yes, after 6 weeks of about giving up on ever seeing her family, she finally brought them. I walked out onto the carport yesterday to a kitten party! They are scared of me still, but I sat out there really quiet and waited on them to come out from their hiding place. This is a photo of Bootsie's little family.

She took them away last night, but hopefully she'll bring them back again so I can get more photos for inspiration for my art. I just LOVE kittens...they are so cute! Click on the photo to see a larger version.

We have given them names, too. The tiger faced one behind the others is Niko (nee-ko). The white and black one is Oreo. And the blonde/orangy colored one in front is either going to be Rowdy (that one is definitely the most rowdy in play) or Peaches. We haven't decided for sure yet.


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