Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Please Visit My New Blog....A Ring a Day!

Hello all! Although this blog is closed down for further posts, I thought I'd point you in the right direction for my newer works. One thing I'm enjoying doing right now is working on my licensed art titled "Hoppy Humor", a line of humorous pieces featuring my tree frog character I've created named Hoppy. I have about 70 more designs in the Hoppy line to get completed, and after that, I've been hired to do another art project under the Silajai name. (which is the name I use for my digital art designs)

Another adventure I've taken on is my "A Ring A Day" project. What can I say - I love jewelry and can't stay away from it. Especially since I have so many supplies and jewelry component treasures here to work with! Click the link to read more about it and see what rings are available at this time.

Hope all is well!


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