Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cross Pendant and Heart Pendant

Wow it's been a busy month! Since I found out I was losing my web hosting I've had for 12 years (company shutting down), and I learned I'd have to make other arrangements, I decided to do some major changes. Instead of having one main jump off page, now I have all separate websites.

The jewels shown here are from my new jewelry company TornadoGems.Com. I'm creating a line of jewelry in keeping with the tornado style I so enjoy. When I first started making my tornado beads, I felt I was locked into beads. By opening up my mind and heart to the idea, I've since discovered many other gems can be created using the same technique!

For instance, the Tornado Gems cross pendant as seen here. This pendant is shown in silver with citrine gemstones. But it can be created in any metal color, with any gemstone, pearl or crystal accents.

The neat thing is, even though I make each pendant the same way, they turn out looking slightly different each time, since I allow the wire to "go with the flow", so to speak. :)

Each Tornado Gems cross pendant is custom created according to the order received and the customer's preferences for metal color and accents. So even though the overall design and size is the same, each ends up being a one of a kind creation. Two customers could order the same exact cross, yet each will appear different due to the hand-fashioning of the pendants.

Another fun design I've created is the Tornado Gems heart pendant. Once again, this can be created in any metal color with any accents the customer chooses - gemstones, crystals or pearls.

This week I'm working on a dangle earring design (I already have a simple drop earring design on the website) and a hanging charm design (which will be similar to the slide bead charms on the website).

I'm also pondering an oval or circular wreath shape design for a pendant.

Some other fun things added to the site this past now have the ability to WIN a free Tornado Gem Slide Bead Charm or pair of drop earrings! Each month in 2010, we're giving away the winner's choice.

We've also set up an Authorized Dealer program, and a Virtual Jewelry Sales Representative program for those who aren't ready for the Authorized Dealer program, but who'd still like to earn money by helping us get our new jewelry out to the public. :)

And somewhere in the middle of all of this, I should be getting ready for Christmas! I haven't done a thing yet. Although I am making a slide bead necklace for a family member...and I have started that process, in between orders from customers. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to do the "holiday stuff" - though I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there who does this!



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