Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life update from Jai!

Good morning all! I thought it was time for a life update. I've been very busy on my new line of digital art, specifically a humorous series (click here if you'd like to see).

And remember the painting of the deer (pictured here) titled "Ten Pointer"? Well the original sold yesterday at the gallery, so if you were thinking about picking that one up from my website - sorry - it's gone! However, PRINTS are still available of this art here.

Speaking of the gallery, we are doing another Venus Soiree jewelry show - the opening is Friday night, November 24 - yes, the day after Thanksgiving....i.e. the biggest shopping day of the year! All of us jewelers at the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art here in Jackson, TN (118 E. Lafayette St, downtown Jackson) would love to see you drop in from 7-9 on Friday night and say hello, as well as fill your unique jewelry needs/desires for the upcoming holidays!

We have several new jewelry artists, and though I'm not making any new jewelry currently, I have many, many items I've made - many NEVER seen before - which will be on display and for sale at this incredible show. So please drop in if you are in the Jackson, TN area!

Life is going very well here lately. Seems unreal after all the crap I've been through prior, but I think a lot of the change has to do with me removing negative energy from my life as well directing my efforts toward things which are fun and make me laugh. What you put out = what you get back. And I see that coming to pass more and more each day.

Hope you all are doing well and have a happy holiday season! :)


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Moon Stumpp said...

Good luck on your show this weekend...I hope it goes very well!

Your new digital collection is not only cute but colorful!!! Love it.